Hero: Jermaine K. Elam

October 25, 2009

Jermaine Elam was an outstanding defensive tackle for our Red Devils during their great run in the last 1980s and early 1990s.

Here's Yolanda Elam's nomination of her husband, Jermaine:

I am writing to nominate my husband Jermaine K. Elam (1992) for the Hall of Heroes. I am not from Lincolnton but have visited frequently and heard COUNTLESS stories of the legend that Jermaine was during his Lincoln County high school football career. His old teammates and community members speak about the great seasons he had during his four years of high school. Many people have stated that "there has not been a defensive tackle like Elam since." Additionally, his hard work, determination, and fighting spirit helped lead his team to a 44-1 [record over 3 seasons, 1989-91]. With that said, I believe that Jermaine K. Elam is a hero among mortals and should be included in the "Hall of Heroes." Go RED DEVILS!!!!

Thank you.

Yolanda S. Elam

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