Hero: William "Coot" Ivey

September 12, 2013

From a friend: William Ivey went through downtown and collected enough money to charter a bus for the Red Devil team for their 1960 away playoff game. From his daughter Diane: "I would like to nominate my Dad, William T. Ivey, Jr. for the Red Devils Hall of Heroes. Years ago, [1960] I believe, Dad leased a bus from Lewis Brothers in North Augusta, SC, to go to one of our out of town playoff games. He felt it was safer having many fans in one bus rather than numerous cars racing to the out of town games and back home. I think Dad started a wonderful tradition of leasing buses because the following year, others joined him in leasing a bus from Lewis Brothers. Since those early years, it is my understanding that numerous buses are now leased and follow our wonderful Red Devil team to the games out of town. "Dad sold tickets to cover the cost of the bus, including buying a ticket for himself and Mother, rather than raising the cost to cover his two seats. He was a man of integrity and a long time Red Devils fan. He played for the Red Devils when in high school and was there every Friday night under the lights as long as his health would allow. He has always been my Hero and I think he deserves the honor of being added to the Red Devils Hall of Heroes. "Thank you for considering his nomination.

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