Hero: Vernon Wilson

September 11, 2002

Vernon Wilson is truly one of the unsung heroes that keeps a football program going.

Vernon started as a manager while in high school, but he saw that the Devils needed a placekicker. Vernon practiced - and practiced - and practiced. Folks drove by Buddy Bufford Field at all times of the morning, day, and early evening and would see Vernon practicing his kicking. And he won the job.

After graduation, most players find their way to the stands and cheer on the Devils from there. But not Vernon. For over 20 years, Vernon has been one place on fall Friday nights: wherever the Red Devils play.

He makes sure the yardmarkers and goalpost pads are ready, and that the footballs are ready before the game. He's affectionately known as "the world's oldest ballboy," but he takes a load off the coaching staff by making sure those little, but very important, things are taken care of. He also keeps the student managers headed in the right direction, and helps transport team equipment to off games.

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