Hero: Jimmy Smith

October 24, 2002

Coach Jimmy Smith is best remembered by what he accomplished after his coaching career ended. Jimmy, a Lincolnton native, coached football and other sports for several years during the 1960s.

While overcoming his personal issues, Jimmy Smith helped countless others overcome those and similar difficulties by his active participation in Alcoholics Anonymous. Jimmy gave endless hours to help others, often traveling to neighboring towns to participate in support groups. US 378, from Lincolnton to the Savannah River, is named "Coach Jimmy Smith Highway" in his honor.

While selling cakes or attending softball games, Jimmy was always friendly and willing to talk and help.

But he is certainly missed at football games. He was always one of the first fans in the stadium, putting his chair on his favored 50-yard line perch, and yelling often during the game. And boy did his voice carry. His home overlooked the school and football field. Some feel that Jimmy is still looking over the Red Devils.

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