Hero: Johnny Walton

November 05, 2002

Walton has been a fixture on the Lincoln County sideline for over a quarter century.

[Tradition's note: When I started the Hall of Heroes, I did not consider adding my name to this distinguished list. But unexpectedly several persons have suggested this, and I am bowing to their wishes. Billy Goldman, with some help, I suspect, from his uncle Jerry Power, submitted the following nomination. My thanks to Billy, Jerry, Mike & Debbie Cliatt, the coaches, and many many others.]

I would like to nominate Johnny Walton for the Lincoln County Hall of Heroes. Since the 1976 football season which was during Johnny's sophomore year in high school, he has kept Red Devil statistical information and reported both to newspapers and Augusta TV stations on football games. Johnny
finished college and began working in Aiken, SC in 1983 and during this time he has missed only about 6 games and is normally at the games well before starting time. During this time, Johnny has searched any old records about Red Devil football that he could locate including making trips to the UGA library archives and co-authored a book about the Red Devils. Hopefully, most everyone is familiar with the great Internet site Johnny maintains providing a tremendous amount of current and historical information about the Red Devils.

Great website, Johnny!!

Billy Goldman

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