Hero: Valarie Spratlin

September 09, 2003

Valarie Spratlin added to Lincoln County's fans enjoyment of Red Devil football for many years.

Britt Mattison McKinney's nomination tells the story of this behind-the-scenes Hero:

"I would like to nominate Valarie Spratlin for this award. Many people probably don't realize she was behind the artwork of the "DEVIL" being painted each week for the middle of the field. I can always remember the first week it had to be done. She would come home and stay as long as needed with Marion, Johnny, and any of us who were willing to help out. She would make sure that it was just right so it could be duplicated each week there was a home game. Although she didn't play, coach, or even attend many games, without her special abilities and talents Buddy Bufford Field would not have looked as well as it did!!!

"Valarie loved Lincolnton more than life itself. As we approach the anniversary of her being without us for a year in November, I thought this may be a good way to remember her!! "

Valarie, a Lincolnton native, taught at Tallulah Falls School in northeast Georgia before her untimely passing in 2002.

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