Hero: Inez McWhorter

November 11, 2004

Inez McWhorter has supported the Red Devils with 3 sons and two grandsons playing for the Devils, and two daughters and two grand-daughters cheering on our football teams.

A "Longtime RED DEVIL FAN" made this nomination for Mrs. McWhorter:

"I would like to suggest Mrs. Inez McWhorter. She has given support to our RED DEVILS for many years now. She and her late husband, Billy, have three sons, Fred, Tom, and Price. All three of these have played football for the Red Devils. She also has two daughters, Nancy and LouAnn. Both were cheerleaders for the Red Devils during their high-school days. She also has two grandsons, Ben and Will, that also played football for the Red Devils. She has a grand-daughter Lucy that was a cheerleader during her high school days. And she currently has a grand-daughter, Kelli, that is also a cheerleader for the Red Devils. I know that Price and his wife Denise have given so much of themselves during the years and they seem to enjoy lending their support including time and money in making the Cheer Devils the very best that they can be.

"I think that any kid would be proud to have Mrs. Inez McWhorter as their Mother. She has always been a very caring and unselfish person and it is a pleasure to see her attending the Football games. She always has a smile and kind words. I think it is important to mention her late husband, Mr. Billy, because he and Mrs. Inez are two are of the finest people that I have ever met.

"They have surely raised a family of RED DEVIL supporters and I think that this entire family could be considered to be our HEROES because of the wonderful continued influence of their Mother and Grandmother, Mrs. Inez McWhorter."

We welcome Inez McWhorter to our Hall based on her outstanding service over the years to the Red Devil nation.

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