Hero: Hirsch Wengrow

November 24, 2004

"Mr. Wengrow" has supported the Red Devils for generations.

Mickey Flint McGee provides this outstanding nomination:

Any Lincoln County native whose Red Devil roots run wide and deep knows what a tremendous contribution Mr. Hirsch Wengrow has made to Lincoln County’s sports legacy. Besides the fact that Mr.Wengrow is one of the few (if not the only) original main street storeowners whose businesses still operate today, he and his family are some of the most faithful Red Devil fans this side of Clarks Hill Lake.

For several generations Mr.Wengrow has kept us all in Red Devil clothing, equipped us with all manner of Red Devil paraphernalia, and has kept his store open from sun-up to sun-down for as long as I can remember. At Christmas time I dare say his store is the busiest in town and the only place where Santa is sure to find that special something to please the most discriminating Red Devil fan.

A man who is as much a Lincoln County legend as Benjamin Lincoln himself, Mr. Wengrow still keeps his books the old-fashioned way .. with a pad and a pencil. You gotta love him!

Because of his faithfulness to Lincoln County, its people and its sports programs, I heartily nominate Mr. Hirsch Wengrow for induction into the Lincoln County Red Devil Hall of Heroes.

Congratulations to Mr. Wengrow for joining our distinguished list of Heroes.

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