Hero: Page Prater

November 28, 2005

Page Prater, a Red Devil halfback in 1963, has been nominated to our Red Devil Hall of Heroes:

"He grew up right there in Lincoln County & went to Lincoln County High School his ninth grade year, then went his tenth and eleventh grade year to GMA Academy in Atlanta, Ga. After coming home for the summer he told his mother that he was not going back to school at GMA that he was going to play football for Lincoln County his senior year no matter what it took.

He did play halfback that year in 1963 and they went on to win the class C Championship and Washington won the Class B championship that year. So Lincoln County boys of 1963 felt like they won the Class B & C Championship. The 1963 team went 13-0 and only had 13 points scored on them all year & to me that team there was the best team of any team in the 60's,70's,80's,90's,and in the new century.

Page's senior class that year was a close nit group and to this day still is a close group. Page loves Lincoln County even though he lives in McDuffie County where his business is. Page was one of the fastest guys there and held the state 220 record in track for years. Well one other thing is that Page right now is going thru a tough sickness. He has a blood disease called Myelodysplastic Syndrome which is that his white blood cells are fighting his red blood cells and he is losing blood and platelets internally. Page has been battling this since May 6, 2005, and he has to have a Bone Marrow Transplant. Page has a donor and goes to Emory University next Friday, Dec. 9th, will have the transplant on the 13th, and will be there in Atlanta hopefully only till March or April 2006 depending on his recoverr from the transplant. If you would, please pray for this old Devil on a speedy recover y and as always GO RED DEVILS!!! Beat Washington-Wilkes. Page wishes he could be there to see his Devils win that Championship."

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