Hall of Heroes

Welcome to our Hall of Heroes, where we will honor those players, coaches, community leaders, and unsung heroes that have established, maintained, and celebrated the Lincoln County tradition of football excellence. If you want to nominate someone for inclusion in this Hall, please email Tradition with that person's name and an explanation of why they should be included.

Hero: Roy Lee Ferguson
Hero: Truitt Dill
Hero: Tres Kelly
Hero: Gross Bentley
Hero: William "Coot" Ivey
Hero: Flint Matthews
Hero: Anthony Parks
Hero: Carl Leverett
Hero: Drammell Ware
Hero: Darryl Norman
Hero: Jermaine K. Elam
Heroes: Mike & Debbie Cliatt
Hero: Connie Campbell
Hero: Sam Turner, Sr.
Hero: Page Prater
Hero: Mike Frazier
Hero: Dr. Robert Williams
Hero: Russell Gibson
Hero: Quincy Brown
Hero: Hirsch Wengrow
Hero: Inez McWhorter
Hero: Len Kennedy
Hero: Thomas Reed
Hero: John Ludwig
Hero: Frank Guillebeau
Hero: Harry Stewart
Hero: Ed Turner
Hero: Curt Douglas
Hero: David Edwards
Hero: Norris Ware
Hero: Sara Colvin
Hero: Gene Goldman
Hero: William Spires
Hero: Jessie Gunby
Hero: Clifford Goolsby
Hero: Valarie Spratlin
Hero: Anthony "Tony" Glaze
Hero: Victor Elam
Hero: Marion Aycock
Hero: Dr. Weems Pennington Sr.
Hero: Carl Leverett
Hero: Johnny Walton
Hero: W. T. Williams
Hero: Curry Colvin
Hero: Troy Albea
Hero: Jimmy Smith
Hero: Larry Campbell
Hero: Barney Bussey
Hero: Dan Pitts
Hero: Charles Elam
Hero: Vernon Wilson
Hero: Mack Matthews
Hero: Eddie Aycock
Hero: Franklin Banks
Hero: Dewayne Simmons
Hero: Randall Edmunds
Hero: Thomas Bunch
Hero: Jiggs Smalley
Hero: Howard Ellis
Hero: Donnie Hill
Hero: James "Jip" Smalley
Hero: Jerry Power
Hero: Garrison Hearst
Hero: Buddy Bufford
Hero: W. T. Dunaway