Largest Winning Margin, Regular Season Games

RankDifferenceDateOpponentScoreLocationClick for details
176Thu, Oct 4, 1923LouisvilleW76-0T['more']
score also reported as 84-0, 99-0, and 8-0. 76-0 from Louisville newspaper
176Fri, Nov 21, 1930Granite HillW76-0H['more']
AugChronicle: 75-0, LJ: 76-0; EM Luck Moss: 97-0 or 99-0 & going for 100 when time ran out.
373Fri, Oct 28, 1977WadleyW73-0T['more']
472Fri, Nov 12, 1993Glascock CountyW72-0H['more']
65-0 at half; Bteam 7-0 2nd half. GC 12 players, 10 cheerleaders, 2 coaches.
570Fri, Oct 29, 1976WadleyW70-0H['more']
668Fri, Oct 18, 1974DaculaW68-0H['more']
766Fri, Sep 29, 1967SpartaW66-0T['more']
865Fri, Nov 1, 1974Boggs AcademyW65-0H['more']
963Fri, Oct 16, 1925Gibson-MercerW63-0H['more']
After game, LHS challenged any HS team within 100 miles.
963Fri, Oct 4, 1968SpartaW63-0H['more']
963Fri, Oct 24, 1986AquinasW69-6H['more']
Most pts since '77
963Fri, Sep 12, 2003Athens ChristianW63-0H['more']
LC scored 50 points in first qtr, which lasted 55 minutes. Entire game played in AC territory; clock ran 2nd qtr; 3rd/4th qtrs shortened to 4.5 minutes each. Antonio Searles scored 4 TDs, 3 rushing + 1 fumble recovery in endzone. Starters played just over a quarter.
963Fri, Aug 19, 2011HarlemW69-6H['more']
Hot, sweltering evening in Lincolnton. First quarter was close as LC didn't score until time ran out. Five LC touchdowns in final four minutes of 2nd quarter sealed Harlem's fate. Totals: Craig Jones 10/122/1, Sherrod Jones 5/29/2, Dayshawn Taylor 4/29/3, and freshman Jamar Taylor 4/107/2. Taylor's 3 TDs were on consecutive touches. Second half played under mercy rules.

In 13 games:

Winning Percentage: 100.000

Total scored: 893

Total allowed: 12

Average game: 68.69-0.92

Shutouts by Red Devils: 11

Shutouts by opponents: 0