Largest Losing Margin, Home Games

RankDifferenceDateOpponentScoreLocationClick for details
157Fri, Aug 17, 2018Abbeville, SCL0-57H['more']
Abbeville 3-time defending SC AA state champs. Panthers scored on their first offensive play and never looked back. 36-0 at half. Most points ever allowed and biggest loss in Devil history.
247Thu, Nov 26, 1953Washington-WilkesL0-47H['more']
247Fri, Nov 4, 1966Warren CountyL0-47H['more']
3000+ spectators; L 2C runnerup; 2nd worst loss in L history
445Fri, Nov 3, 1972AquinasL0-45H['more']
538Fri, Sep 21, 1951LouisvilleL0-38H['more']
538Fri, Nov 12, 1954WrensL0-38H['more']
734Fri, Oct 9, 1936AthensL0-34H['more']
734Thu, Nov 26, 1942Washington-WilkesL0-34H['more']
Thanksgiving afternoon; Chronicle reports score as 34-0
734Thu, Nov 22, 1951Washington-WilkesL0-34H['more']
1029Fri, Nov 10, 1972WaynesboroL13-42H['more']
1029Fri, Oct 12, 2018Greene CountyL7-36H['more']
The following week, Greene County beat Aquinas to win Subdivision B.

In 11 games:

Winning Percentage: 0.000

Total scored: 20

Total allowed: 452

Average game: 1.82-41.09

Shutouts by Red Devils: 0

Shutouts by opponents: 9