Largest Losing Margin, Away Games

RankDifferenceDateOpponentScoreLocationClick for details
154Fri, Sep 18, 1953WarrentonL0-54T['more']
Worst loss by point margin in Devil history. 2nd most points allowed (55 to WW in 2001)
241Fri, Sep 14, 1951WarrentonL0-41T['more']
Also reported as 10/14 - Sunday??
241Fri, Nov 9, 1951WaynesboroL0-41T['more']
241Fri, Sep 21, 2001Washington-WilkesL14-55T['more']
Lincoln County scored first early in the game, but it was all Tigers after that, as W-W dominated the Devils as has rarely been seen. The 55 points is the most ever against a team from Lincolnton. This game marks the first time since 1955 that the Tigers have defeated the Devils three consecutive times. This game was played a week later than originally planned due to the 9/11/2001 Terrorist Attacks on the USA.
540Fri, Sep 28, 1951WrightsvilleL0-40T['more']
639Thu, Sep 9, 1954Washington-WilkesL0-39T['more']
737Fri, Oct 26, 1951ThomsonL0-37T['more']
835Fri, Nov 25, 1949JonesboroL6-41T['more']
for 3C championship. Jonesboro lost in semifinals the following week, as only 4 regions existed..
934Sat, Nov 4, 1967Warren CountyL0-34T['more']
L 4th in 2C
1033Fri, Oct 11, 1935HartwellL0-33T['more']
1033Fri, Sep 22, 1939ElbertonL0-33T['more']
Night game at Elberton
1033Fri, Nov 16, 1951ARC "B"L6-39T['more']
Reported by
1033Fri, Sep 12, 2014Westside-AugustaL7-40T['more']
Missing 3 offensive starters due to injuries including QB, Devils lost 4 turnovers and trailed 21-0 before game was delayed by lightning wiht 2:46 left in second quarter. Game resumed hour later. Fourth quarter played under mercy rules.

In 13 games:

Winning Percentage: 0.000

Total scored: 33

Total allowed: 527

Average game: 2.54-40.54

Shutouts by Red Devils: 0

Shutouts by opponents: 9