Largest Losing Margin, Playoff Games

RankDifferenceDateOpponentScoreLocationClick for details
135Fri, Nov 25, 1949JonesboroL6-41T[more]
for 3C championship. Jonesboro lost in semifinals the following week, as only 4 regions existed..
224Fri, Nov 22, 2013Dooly CountyL13-37H[more]
Devils took 7-0 lead but were unable to stop the strong rushing attack of the Bobcats.
321Fri, Dec 1, 1961CoosaL0-21T[more]
Last night game at Sanford until 9/4/82; 3000 attending; Coose wore all black
420Fri, Dec 5, 1975LyonsL6-26H[more]
420Sat, Dec 18, 1999Charlton CountyL0-20H[more]
CC had 6 Div. I prospects. Controlled game w/size/speed. CC may have been best team in state (all classes).
420Fri, Nov 26, 2004Clinch CountyL6-26T[more]
Lincoln County took a 6-0 lead in the first quarter, but the tenacious Panther defense created turnovers that led Clinch County to a 26-6 win. Our Devils were hobbled by injuries to several key players before and during the game.
714Sat, Dec 3, 1988Clinch CountyL7-21H[more]
CC 10-0 #1 all yr; long TD pass on long down; CC beat Palmetto in finals
714Fri, Dec 6, 2002Clinch CountyL14-28T[more]
Clinch #1 all year, 12-0. Had beaten Charlton 14-12. LC scored in Q2 to lead 6-0 at half; CC ran KO after TD back to 8 but Devils stopped them 3 times with time running out. CC took lead on Lorenzo Kelsaw 3 run. [Kelsaw 21/162] but LC came right back with Gavin Williams 2nd TD, 43 run. LC led 14-13 going into 4th before CC scored on 45y and 59y runs. CC over 350y total off.
913Fri, Dec 6, 1929ToccoaL0-13T[more]
Possibly first time Devils on radio (Toccoa station)
1012Fri, Dec 2, 1983Dooly CountyL8-20H[more]
DC #2 13-0 543-71 (#1 off #2 def #1 winmgn); LC #7 off #5 def #3 wm before DC
1012Sat, Dec 15, 1984GreenvilleL7-19T[more]
LC led early

In 11 games:

Winning Percentage: 0.000

Total scored: 67

Total allowed: 272

Average game: 6.09-24.73

Shutouts by Red Devils: 0

Shutouts by opponents: 3