Sideline Visitors

December 12, 2005

2005 saw some interesting folks on the Red Devil sidelines.

You're on the sideline at the Dome game. You hear this voice yelling encouragement and suggestions to our Devils on the field. The voice is recognizable, but yet you know you haven't heard it often or recently. And then you see the source, as he gets into the game as if he was still dressed in his #22 Red Devil uniform -- Garrison Hearst. And he was not the only great high school, UGA, and NFL running back on the sidelines Friday -- Hershel Walker was across the field cheering on his Trojans.

If you saw a stranger in a black jacket with "Demons" on the back at the Gordon Lee game, he wasn't lost and thought our Red Devils were a good substitute. The gentleman (pictured in the background at left) spent Thursday and Friday in Lincolnton experiencing Lincoln County's version of Georgia small-town football, interviewing many of the local folk with his recorder running.

He is visiting several communities around the Peach State as he prepares to write a book on the subject that we all love. We understand that Lincolnton and our Red Devils will be featured in one chapter. The book will be interesting, as he told me one Larry Campbell story that I didn't know! We'll let you know when we have more info on the upcoming book.

If you noticed another "stranger" on the Lincoln County sideline the last couple of games, it's just a Pittsburgh Steeler fan looking for a cold game with good football. Austin Rhodes, the WGAC radio show host, has many ties to Lincoln County, and is often in attendance with his wife, the former Bobbie Guillebeau. Austin has said good things about Lincoln County football on his show!