Most Points Scored, All Games

RankPts ScoredDateOpponentScoreLocationClick for details
176Thu, Oct 4, 1923LouisvilleW76-0T['more']
score also reported as 84-0, 99-0, and 8-0. 76-0 from Louisville newspaper
176Fri, Nov 21, 1930Granite HillW76-0H['more']
AugChronicle: 75-0, LJ: 76-0; EM Luck Moss: 97-0 or 99-0 & going for 100 when time ran out.
373Fri, Oct 28, 1977WadleyW73-0T['more']
472Fri, Nov 12, 1993Glascock CountyW72-0H['more']
65-0 at half; Bteam 7-0 2nd half. GC 12 players, 10 cheerleaders, 2 coaches.
570Fri, Oct 29, 1976WadleyW70-0H['more']
669Fri, Oct 24, 1986AquinasW69-6H['more']
Most pts since '77
669Fri, Oct 29, 2010Twiggs CountyW69-14T['more']
This game was not expected to be close, and that proved correct quickly. LC led 42-6 at the end of the first quarter, and 56-6 at the half. The Devils scored on 4 returns: punt, kickoff, fumble, and interception. Return yardage totalled 346, more than LC's offense. Five Cobra turnovers helped the LC onslaught. Twiggs' first year head coach quit the night before the game, and only 17 Cobras dressed for the contest. This was the most points ever allowed by the Cobras.
669Fri, Aug 19, 2011HarlemW69-6H['more']
Hot, sweltering evening in Lincolnton. First quarter was close as LC didn't score until time ran out. Five LC touchdowns in final four minutes of 2nd quarter sealed Harlem's fate. Totals: Craig Jones 10/122/1, Sherrod Jones 5/29/2, Dayshawn Taylor 4/29/3, and freshman Jamar Taylor 4/107/2. Taylor's 3 TDs were on consecutive touches. Second half played under mercy rules.
968Fri, Oct 18, 1974DaculaW68-0H['more']
968Fri, Nov 10, 1995Glascock CountyW68-8T['more']
Scored against subs. Field terrible, dropoffs at edges, few stands, hogwire around stands.

In 10 games:

Winning Percentage: 100.000

Total scored: 710

Total allowed: 34

Average game: 71.00-3.40

Shutouts by Red Devils: 6

Shutouts by opponents: 0