Red Devils vs. Glascock County

Record in 4 meetings: 4-0-0

Winning Percentage: 100.000
Total scored: 262
Total allowed: 15
Average game: 65.50-3.75
Shutouts by Red Devils: 2
Shutouts by opponents: 0
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Fri, Nov 13, 1992Campbell, LarryW60-0H['more']
48-0 at half, Bteam 12-0 2nd half. GC 12 players, 8 cheerleaders, 2 coaches.
Fri, Nov 12, 1993Campbell, LarryW72-0H['more']
65-0 at half; Bteam 7-0 2nd half. GC 12 players, 10 cheerleaders, 2 coaches.
Fri, Nov 11, 1994Campbell, LarryW62-7H['more']
34-0 at half before subs; GC 15 players, scored on 92y KO return late in 4th.
Fri, Nov 10, 1995Campbell, LarryW68-8T['more']
Scored against subs. Field terrible, dropoffs at edges, few stands, hogwire around stands.