Red Devils vs. Granite Hill

Record in 6 meetings: 6-0-0

Winning Percentage: 100.000
Total scored: 153
Total allowed: 12
Average game: 25.50-2.00
Shutouts by Red Devils: 4
Shutouts by opponents: 0
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Tue, Nov 21, 1922Dunaway, W. T.W24-0H['more']
Tues; Granite Hill = 10th District Aggies
Fri, Nov 2, 1923Dunaway, W. T.W20-6T['more']
Fri, Oct 10, 1924Dunaway, W. T.C0-0H['more']
Aggies - cancelled
Fri, Sep 25, 1925Dunaway, W. T.W13-0H['more']
Team known as "The Lincolnton Machine"
Fri, Nov 19, 1926Dunaway, W. T.W7-0H['more']
GH coached by L native Guy Smalley
Fri, Nov 21, 1930Reese, L. E.W76-0H['more']
AugChronicle: 75-0, LJ: 76-0; EM Luck Moss: 97-0 or 99-0 & going for 100 when time ran out.
Sat, Oct 3, 1931Reese, L. E.W13-6H['more']