Red Devils vs. Louisville

Record in 40 meetings: 29-9-2

Winning Percentage: 75.000
Total scored: 791
Total allowed: 354
Average game: 19.78-8.85
Shutouts by Red Devils: 16
Shutouts by opponents: 5
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Thu, Oct 4, 1923Dunaway, W. T.W76-0T['more']
score also reported as 84-0, 99-0, and 8-0. 76-0 from Louisville newspaper
Fri, Nov 29, 1929Groves, LuciusW0-0T['more']
Fri, Nov 24, 1950Martin, EddieL6-38T['more']
Lou undefeated; game for 2C title played in snow
Fri, Sep 21, 1951Martin, EddieL0-38H['more']
Sun, Oct 26, 1952Chambers, RalphL12-13T['more']
Fri, Sep 25, 1953Chambers, RalphL0-26H['more']
One coach; 15-16 man roster
Fri, Sep 24, 1954Surls, LewisL0-27T['more']
Fri, Sep 23, 1955Surls, LewisL6-19H['more']
Fri, Sep 30, 1960Bufford, BuddyW33-0H['more']
Fri, Sep 29, 1961Bunch, ThomasW27-0T['more']
Fri, Oct 19, 1962Bunch, ThomasW13-0H['more']
Fri, Oct 25, 1963Bunch, ThomasW36-0T['more']
Fri, Oct 16, 1964Bunch, ThomasW33-6H['more']
Fri, Oct 15, 1965Bunch, ThomasW7-6T['more']
Fri, Oct 14, 1966Bunch, ThomasW20-0H['more']
Fri, Oct 13, 1967Bunch, ThomasW16-7T['more']
Fri, Nov 8, 1968Bunch, ThomasW41-7T['more']
Fri, Nov 7, 1969Bunch, ThomasL18-22H['more']
Fri, Oct 16, 1970Bunch, ThomasW14-6T['more']
Louisville Academy & Jefferson County High consolidated into Louisville HS.
Fri, Oct 15, 1971Bunch, ThomasL6-12H['more']
Fri, Sep 29, 1972Campbell, LarryL15-35T['more']
4-0 after LC game; LC 7 turnovers; Campbell: "We'll be back"
Fri, Sep 28, 1973Campbell, LarryT0-0H['more']
Lou 3-0, 58-12pts
Fri, Oct 15, 1976Campbell, LarryW22-6H['more']
Fri, Oct 14, 1977Campbell, LarryW12-6T['more']
Fri, Oct 19, 1984Campbell, LarryT14-14T['more']
LC#2 L#5; LC 14-6 intercept 2:00 to go, ? L TD
Fri, Nov 23, 1984Campbell, LarryW25-10H['more']
L#3 (finished #6)
Fri, Oct 18, 1985Campbell, LarryW17-0H['more']
L#6 6-0-1 had allowed 13 pts
Fri, Nov 22, 1985Campbell, LarryW40-0T['more']
L had allowed 40 pts all year
Fri, Oct 17, 1986Campbell, LarryW10-7H['more']
Fri, Oct 16, 1987Campbell, LarryW21-17T['more']
came back in 4th
Fri, Nov 27, 1987Campbell, LarryW7-0H['more']
Fri, Oct 7, 1988Campbell, LarryW20-6T['more']
Fri, Nov 18, 1988Campbell, LarryW37-14H['more']
Fri, Oct 6, 1989Campbell, LarryW36-0H['more']
Fri, Oct 19, 1990Campbell, LarryW12-0H['more']
QB Leverett hurt in 1st half; L coach Gmatthews
Fri, Nov 16, 1990Campbell, LarryW35-6H['more']
Wrens beat JC for #2 spot
Fri, Oct 18, 1991Campbell, LarryW38-0T['more']
L 4-0, 4-2; beat Portal 14-9
Fri, Oct 9, 1992Campbell, LarryW14-0H['more']
0-0 at half. Homecoming
Fri, Nov 20, 1992Campbell, LarryW38-0H['more']
67th consecutive region victory
Fri, Oct 8, 1993Campbell, LarryW14-6T['more']
L almost came back late in game