Red Devils vs. Monticello

Record in 21 meetings: 18-3-0

Winning Percentage: 85.714
Total scored: 589
Total allowed: 177
Average game: 28.05-8.43
Shutouts by Red Devils: 10
Shutouts by opponents: 1
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Fri, Nov 7, 1941BurgessL13-31T['more']
Monticello paper: 31-10, TLJ: 38-10
Fri, Oct 29, 1948Hawkins, John R.W13-12H['more']
Fri, Oct 28, 1949Anderson, James (Andy)W1-0T['more']
Cancelled by Monticello due to injuries
Fri, Sep 17, 1954Surls, LewisL6-26T['more']
Fri, Sep 16, 1955Surls, LewisL0-13H['more']
Also reported as 19-0. L enrollment: 1-12: 696; 9-12: 139
Thu, Nov 22, 1962Bunch, ThomasW38-0H['more']
Thu, Nov 28, 1963Bunch, ThomasW13-0T['more']
Fri, Nov 15, 1974Campbell, LarryW31-22H['more']
Fri, Nov 14, 1975Campbell, LarryW34-6T['more']
Fri, Nov 12, 1976Campbell, LarryW35-0T['more']
Roy Norman & Tim Partridge both over 1000yds rushing
Fri, Nov 11, 1977Campbell, LarryW10-0H['more']
Fri, Oct 26, 1984Campbell, LarryW27-14H['more']
Fri, Oct 25, 1985Campbell, LarryW34-0T['more']
Fri, Sep 11, 1992Campbell, LarryW34-12T['more']
LC#10 M#6 in A. G Elam 101-yd int return as game ended. M won 8-A at 9-1, lost in A qtrfinals to #1 Bowdon 35-14 after being tied at 14 in 3rd.
Fri, Sep 10, 1993Campbell, LarryW52-14H['more']
Monticello had bad year due to injuries.
Fri, Oct 11, 1996Campbell, LarryW28-21T['more']
M #3.
Fri, Oct 10, 1997Campbell, LarryW42-6H['more']
Fri, Oct 23, 1998Campbell, LarryW41-0T['more']
Fri, Oct 22, 1999Campbell, LarryW54-0H['more']
Fri, Oct 6, 2006Campbell, LarryW42-0T['more']
Big Red made its first trip to Monticello's Rose Bowl in many years, and big plays led to a 42-0 blowout of the Hurricanes. Rontae Norman returned a punt 76 yards, Brandon Barden scored on an 86-yard run, and Darell Norman sprinted 79 to the endzone. Vance Tarver was successful on all 6 PAT kicks.
Fri, Oct 5, 2007Campbell, LarryW41-0H['more']