Red Devils vs. Turner County

Record in 3 meetings: 2-1-0

Winning Percentage: 66.667
Total scored: 44
Total allowed: 38
Average game: 14.67-12.67
Shutouts by Red Devils: 0
Shutouts by opponents: 0
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Fri, Dec 3, 1993Campbell, LarryW12-7T['more']
TC 10-1-1; LC 12-0 early, but TC came back w/great QB. Twice had 1st & goal in 4th, but failed to score: 1st on penalties & eventually punted from the LC48 (lost 40y); 2nd ended with QB fumble recovered by Maurice Beard with 1:45 left. Ashburn 4+ hour trip, but one of LC's best crowds of the year. 53rd consecutive road victory.
Fri, Nov 24, 1995Campbell, LarryW18-6H['more']
Nearly 800yds total offense between teams. TC scored on long pass. LC scored on long run, long pass, & 30y run. Big game off/def for Freeman: 200y rush & intercept at LC10 to setup clinching TD. Great run after intercept 3rd/19 for 30y, breaking 6 tackles across the field & back.
Fri, Nov 22, 1996Campbell, LarryL14-25H['more']
LC#1 in 4-A vs #4 TC (7-3 in 2-A). LC down 19-0 midway thru 3rd, fought back to 19-14 in early 4th. Macon Co. won Class A, beating Putnam in finals.