History of Lincoln County Schools

Lincolnton's first public school building was located near and north of the present Presbyterian Church. The building was a single story made from rough lumber and featured home-made wooden desks upon wich the boys delighted to whittle.

At one time over 20 small schools existed for educating white children in Lincoln County. Most were single-teacher, single-room buildings, with Lincolnton the largest with 7 teachers at one point. These were consolidated in the 1920s and 1930s into the Lincolnton school. The Four Points school, near Double Branches, was the last to consolidate, in 1937. On at least two occasions Four Points played the Lincolnton "freshmen" team in football.

Schools for blacks would not be consolidated until the 1950s when the Training School was built on the west side of Lincolnton. This would later be renamed as Westside High, whose Lions competed in the Georgia Interscholastic Association until integration in 1970. The building became Lincoln County Junior High School for many years, and now, after renovation and expansion, serves as the Lincoln County Elementary School.

In 1920, a $20,000 bond was issued to construct a two story "tile and concrete" building that became known as the "green building". Enrollment in 1924 was 350, with 9 girls and 12 boys being graduated.

In 1934, a wooden annex was built to house two of the grammar grades. This building became known as the "white building".

In 1935, twelve acres just east of and adjoining the current school were purchased from J. C. Hollenshead for the building of a new high school. Also considered for the location were the Bunch property on Augusta Highway and the Dorn land north of Lincolnton on the road towards Goshen.

After considerable debate over the size and cost, the new high school was built in the late 1930s. The original plans had to be downsized to fit within the $65,000 budget. With renovations, that building has served this community well for over 70 years.

After the high school classes moved to the new brick building, the green building would be used for grammar school classes until the new elementary school was built. It was then used for storage until it burned around 1970. School board offices were built on that corner, and that building now serves as the Athletic Department's offices.

The gym was built in the late 1950s, and was renovated in the mid-1970s. The vocational building was added at the same time.

In the 1950's, the "white building" was moved to the field below the gym. This made room for construction of a new multi-level elementary school and lunchroom. Today those classrooms house the Lincoln County Middle School. The "white building" was later cut into sections with the pieces sold to different landowners and moved to locations around Lincolnton.

A new High School is now under construction and should be ready for the 2010-11 school year. It sits near the Board of Education offices on land that was purchased in the 1970s for a new school.