Red Devils who played in College

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Albea, Troy - Appalachian State
Barden, Brandon - Vanderbilt
Barksdale, Charles - South Carolina State
Barnett, Kenn - Valdosta State
Beard, Jerry - Appalachian State
Beard, Josh - Chattanooga, GMC
Biles, Brandon - Carson Newman
Booker, Bobby - Valdosta State
Bradford, Alex - Georgia Southern
Brown, Antravious - Miles
Brown, Quincy - Savannah State
Brown, Scottie - Middle Tennessee
Bussey, Barney - South Carolina State
Clark, Travis - Georgia Southern
Cliatt, Dick - Mercer
Colvin, Casey - Presbyterian College
Daniels, Ercell - Savannah State
Davis, Shawn - Savannah State
Douglas, Curt - Georgia
Edmunds, Randall - Georgia Tech
Elam, Gabriel - South Carolina State
Elam, Jermaine - GMC
Elam, Ty - GMC
Elam, Victor - Savannah State
Ferguson, Ronell - South Carolina State
Ferguson, Roy Lee - South Carolina State
Flanigan, John Billy - 10th Dist A&M
Folger, Charles - University of Tennessee
Folger, Charles - Univ of Tennessee
Fortson, Benjamin - 10th Dist A&M
Freeman, Cherard - Georgia Southern
Freeman, Darien - Savannah State
Freeman, Jametrus - GMC
Freeman, Tinker - GMC
Garnett, Frank
Gartrell, Greg - South Carolina State
Gartrell, Vince - NE Oklahoma A&M
Glaze, Anthony - Savannah State
Glaze, Charles - South Carolina State
Glaze, Emmanuel - Morris Brown College
Goolsby, Wilkes - South Carolina
Gresham, Andreas - SC State
Groves, Coleman "Wheeler" - GMC
Hearst, Garrison - Georgia
Hearst, Jerry
Henderson, Bryant - Houston
Hogan, Rory - Valdosta State
Inglett, Reid - Georgia Tech
Johnson, Kenneth - Savannah State, SC State
Jones, Mike - Georgia
Kennedy, Len - Army
Letman, Zireycus - Appalachian State
Leverette, Carl - Savannah State
Leverette, Greg - Savannah State
Leverette, Kelvin - South Carolina State
Ludwig, John - Furman
Marshall, Jetavious - South Carolina State
Mason, Al - Morris Brown
Mason, Dominique - GMC
Mason, Van - South Carolina State
Matthews, Flint - Georgia Southern, Citadel
Matthews, Glen - Western Carolina, Valdosta State
Matthews, Mack - Clemson
Mohr, Garrett - Jacksonville University
Norman, Darrel - Georgia Southern
Norman, Darrell - Savannah State
Norman, David Lee - South Carolina State
Norman, Kris - Tuskegee
Norman, Pettis - Johnson C. Smith
Norman, Roy - South Carolina State
Norman, Taye - Albany State
Parks, Anthony - GMC
Parks, John - Savannah State
Partridge, Tim - Furman
Radford, Hal - Georgia Southern
Reid, Javon - Georgia Southern
Roberts, Midarious - Point
Scott, Rusty - Georgia Tech
Sherman, Frank - Presbyterian College
Simmons, Dwayne - Georgia
Smalley, Guy - Mercer
Stokes, Rick - GMC
Tarver, Vance - Savannah State
Tarver, Vance - Savannah State
Taylor, Dayshawn - SC State
Taylor, Dayshawn - Savannah State
Terry, Stanley - South Carolina State
Turner, Dee - Georgia Tech
Tutt, Rico - Georgia Southern
Wade, Jalen - Georgia State
Ware, Dramell - Savannah State
Wells, Kelly - Valdosta State
Wetherington, Dalton - Valdosta State
Williams, Joe - Mercer
Williams, Pat - Clemson
Williams, W. T. - South Carolina
Wynn, Jarius - Georgia, GMC
Wynn, Shedrick - Georgia