Hero: Frank Guillebeau

September 23, 2004

"Who can ever forget Mr. Frank and his "Devil Car" parading through Lincolnton on Friday before a football game. He was dressed in red and white and had his wife, Miss Leila, sitting in the front seat with himůsmiling and waving to everybody."

Those were the words used by Lincolnton City Clerk Kay Remsen in nominating Frank Guillebeau to our Hall of Heroes. Mr. Frank was certainly a lifelong Red Devil fan. He was the Booster Club President in the early 1960's during the Devils first multiple championship run. His outstanding efforts during the years are now honored by the Booster Club each year when they present their Frank Guillebeau Award to an outstanding booster.

One of Frank and Leila's sons, Tommy, became a coach and administrator, and was the Executive Director of the Georgia High School Association for several years. He is credited with the efforts to have GHSA playoff games in the Georgia Dome.

The Guillebeau family legacy still lives at Lincoln County games. Guilly ("Guillebeau") Mattison is the current "Voice of the Red Devils", and other family members help form the chain crew at Buddy Bufford Field.

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